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Sailing instruction at your own pace, covering the skills that YOU want to learn.

sailing instruction in beautiful ballycotton harbour in cork, ireland.
A group of happy students towards the end of a day skipper course. Everyone’s question; “What do I do next?”

A question that we are often asked when teaching is “I’ve just done my Start Yachting/ Competent Crew/ Day Skipper and loved it. How do I progress and keep sailing?”. It’s a difficult question to answer because it varies depending on where you’re living and how much free time you have.

We usually point people towards crewing in races at the local yacht club, crewing for deliveries or the potential for extended hitch-hiking on cruising yachts. Eventually though, everyone can benefit from sailing with an instructor again to continue their progression. Maybe you’ve done some racing and understand what’s going on, but want to spend more time on the helm. Or maybe you’ve done some cruising and want to learn about the finer points of boat balance and sail trim. Perhaps you just want to discover some new places, pointing your boat beyond the horizon and sampling the scenery and cozy pubs to be found in west Cork. Whatever your sailing goal is, if you want to progress but don’t want to do a course just yet, we have the answer.

sailing lessons focusing on sail trim and racing skills on our 1720s.
For some people, racing is the next goal after learning the basics. Our 1720s are perfect for learning about sail trim, helm balance and spinnaker work!

In 2023 we will be putting together some progression programmes intended to get you out on the water, learning what you want to learn, at the pace that you want to learn at. Removing the constraints of a Day Skipper or Yachtmaster syllabus lets us tailor the pace and the content to whatever YOU want it to be, be that mile building, maneuvers or enjoying the scenery of Ireland’s famous Wild Atlantic Way.

sailing in the beautiful scenery of west cork, including the old head of Kinsale, mizzen head, the fastnet rock and other gems of the wild atlantic way.
Maybe your sailing dream is to experience the stunning scenery of SW Ireland? Free from the demands of a course syllabus, we can slow things down a bit and take the time to appreciate the view.

If this sounds appealing to you, please click the link below to go to our survey. We’ll use the answers to put together groups of people with compatible interests, and we’ll be in touch if a suitable group for you comes up.

Sovereign Sailing Progression Program Survey

In other news… It’s coming up to Christmas and we have introduced gift vouchers which can be redeemed against any of our day sails, cruises, courses, etc. It’s the perfect gift for anyone with even a hint of nautical blood in their body.  Check them out on our website: Gift Vouchers

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