Sailing Courses Cork ISA/RYA Yacht Cruising Courses (Sea Based/Practical)

Sovereign Sailing can provide you with the right sail training to suit your individual needs, requirements and skill level. Whether you're an experienced sailor looking to advance your own skills and experience, or a complete beginner, our Guide to Sailing Courses will help you find the right starting point. Our guide to sailing courses in Cork also illustrates the progression routes you can take after each stage, so you can see a clear pathway to your desired goal.
Need help finding the right course?
Our Guide to Sailing Courses will help guide you through our various sailing courses.

Choosing the right sailing course can seem daunting, so here are some simple tips. You can also refer to our Guide to sailing courses Cork by clicking here.

If you are a complete beginner we recommend you do the RYA Start Yachting Course which is a practical sailing course in Cork for beginners.

Maybe you just purchased a boat and have little experience sailing or you’re looking to improve on your skills as a skipper. If so, we offer training on your own boat. This training is invaluable when learning the specific handling characteristics of your boat, learning as a team or family, understanding onboard systems and maintenance. Build up your skills and become a safer and more competent sailor or motorboat owner.

Sailing Theory Courses Cork include RYA Day Skipper, RYA Yachtmaster Theory Cork and RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance Cork.

Our intermediate and advanced Sailing Courses Cork are fantastic for broadening your skills and  building your knowledge. We offer RYA Competent Crew courses which beginners can also take.
The RYA Day Skipper Course Cork is recommended for crew with previous knowledge of  navigation and theory and basic sailing skills. Following on from this we offer the RYA Coastal Skipper Course Cork