Sailing is a healthy outdoor activity suitable for all, which is thankfully relativity low risk in the context of the coronavirus, COVID-19.

We are following all guidelines recommended by the health authorities and Irish Sailing; unfortunately we are currently closed to all activities. However, we expect to return to sailing on a phased basis from the 18th May.

Our COVID-19 return to sailing approach

COVID-19 is undoubtedly having an effect on how we enjoy our sports and hobbies; fortunately due to the nature of sailing we will be among the first outdoor sports activities to resume once restrictions start to be eased. We are working hard in the background to enable you to get out sailing as soon as possible while ensuring your safety and that of our team at all times.

We have developed robust C-19 policies and procedures and will be able to safely operate while ensuring social distancing, hand sanitation and disinfection of all equipment and surfaces.

Below are some specific changes we are making in relation to COVID-19.

Taste of Sailing

  • Initially only household or family groups, followed by mixed groups of no more than 4 people once social distancing can be maintained.
  • Reduced numbers onboard Max 6 (from a household group) per cruising yacht & Max 4 per 27 foot open yacht.
  • All equipment will be cleaned with anti-bacterial spray between each use.
  • All surfaces and equipment will be cleaned with anti-bacterial spray.
  • Social distancing between you and your skipper will be strictly adhered to.

Yacht Sailing Courses

  • While we are in the Governments Road-map phases 1-4 courses will no longer be live-aboard.
  • Numbers onboard will be reduced to allow for social distancing.
  • Participants will be asked to bring a sandwich each day, soups, tea and coffee will be provided.
  • Anti-bacterial surface cleaner will be onboard each yacht.
  • Boat surfaces will be disinfected each day.
  • All equipment and gear provided will be disinfected each day.

Yacht Charters

  • Reduced Contact Handovers: To reduce time spent down below during handover we have prepared detailed  videos of all aspects of each yacht. You will have these in advance, they are also a very handy reference during your charter. We will be pointing out location of equipment and explanation of all systems. We will of course be available, in person, to answer any questions from the pontoon or cockpit rather than below deck.
    • Our usual detailed cleaning of the yachts will include the use of disinfectant on all surfaces, equipment, handles and grabrails both below and up on deck.
    • Anti-bacterial surface cleaner and disinfectant is available on board each yacht for your use during your charter.
    • Bedding sets (if required) will be provided in vacuum sealed bags.

If you have any questions please contact us here.