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Read Laura Taylor’s update on their incredible sailing journey, as they continue to sail South West of Ireland (Day 3-4). Leaving Roundstone in Co. Galway, the crew set sail for Inishmore on the Arran Islands before taking an overnight passage to Dingle in Co. Kerry.


30/03/16 – 31/03/16 (Day 3-4):
We departed from Roundstone Bay at noon and headed for Kilronan, Inishmore (the largest of the Aran Islands). The weather forecast for later in the week was poor, so after stopping for dinner on board, we decided to keep moving to get as far as possible before the next gale is due.

At 8pm we left Kilronan on an overnight passage to Dingle Bay, Co Kerry, with the wind Westerly at F4-6, gusting to F7. Mike our skipper divided the crew into three teams of two with two-hour watches. Camille and I were on the first, starting at 2200. It was exhilarating helming under the starry night sky at speeds of up to eight and a half knots. At midnight, Luke and Clair took over.

Environmental interest at that time was biolumunious phytoplankton in the water which was the highlight, especially when we had dolphins torpedoing the yacht and not realising what it was, pretty freaky! On this watch we also came across two potential collision hazards, two large motor vessels, one on our port and one on our starboard, we kept a watchful eye and took bearings from them every 5 mins to have a better understanding as to what they were doing and to be able to formulate a plan of avoidance of collision if needed;

later Eoin and Pauline did the 2-4 am watch. Camille and I were back up at 3.45 to take over the helm at 4am. When we woke it felt like the boat was going super fast, and my heart was beating fast at the thought of taking the helm. But once out on deck we found it not so bad as my wild imagination. Clair and Luke were on again at 6 to 8, sea state was calm compared to earlier states and we also got to watch the sunrise come in over Mount Brandon, an absolutely beautiful site from a different angle.

At the end of our shift we were greeted with a pod of porposises that surrounded the boat, what a feeling watching them soar through the water with such ease. Our approach to Dingle was greeted with beautiful scenery, snow on hills coming in around the Blaskets, thinking of the good ould Peig Sayers, this made course for good navigation.

We made it into Dingle in great time the next morning, having covered 143nm in a total time of 23 hours at sea. The whole crew enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Kerry coastline on our way in, and we were met by Dingle’s most famous resident, Fungie the Dolphin. Then we had some much-needed R&R in the very picturesque town of Dingle.

We stayed in Dingle overnight to let the incoming gale pass over, and will continue on our journey to finial destination of Kinsale on Sunday.


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